Clean Team

About Clean Team

Clean Team is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WSUP based in Ghana. It is a social business that seeks to provide improved toilet facilities to low income communities in order to improve their lives. Its Board members combine international and local expertise.

Currently, 2.6 billion (40% of the world’s population) do not have access to toilets. 1 billion (15 % of the world’s population) still practice open defecation and around 2,000 children die every day from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

In the urban areas of Ghana, 39% use a public toilet (flush, bucket, Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit), 22% use a flush toilet and 39% use other means than in house toilets (pit latrine, KVIP, open defecation, pan or bucket). The number of urban residents in Ghana without access to improved sanitation will increase substantially. Currently 70% of households pay for public toilets located within the city of Kumasi and Clean Team provides a rented, attractive, branded portable toilet which sits in the house, supported by an excellent collection service. This sustainable operating model fulfils Clean Team’s explicit ambition to scale up beyond Kumasi.

Clean Team stands for ‘sanitation done right’ and its mission is transforming lives by delivering safe, hygienic, comfortable and convenient sanitation facilities into the homes of low-income urban dwellers in the developing world. People of all ages, regardless of circumstance, deserve the right to perform their necessary bodily functions in safety, time efficiently and without the risk of spreading or contracting disease.

Clean Team pledges uncompromised quality in terms of product and customer service. Its goal is to make any trip to the toilet as enjoyable as it is incidental. Clean Team aims to offer a better alternative to open defecation, a more affordable solution than building a permanent household latrine and a more convenient, cleaner and safer toilet experience than that provided by unpleasant public toilets. Clean Team wants to give people back control of their toilet experience and bring pride to millions of households.

Clean Team aims to make in-home sanitation a ‘natural choice’ for all consumers and doesn’t think that living in rented accommodation or inability to save should be a barrier. Clean Team sees the family as the strongest, most important social unit and Clean team’s service focuses on helping people to provide for their loved ones, not simply themselves. Clean Team wants in-home sanitation to become the norm – an essential household expense that benefits the whole family.

Clean Team rents households an attractive, branded portable toilet and collects the waste 2-3 times per week. Once at its central processing facility, they transport the waste to the municipal treatment site. Clean Team’s plan for scale is to use financially viable methods to convert the waste into energy and organic fertiliser to sell to commercial farms in the region. Clean team is shifting the perception of sanitation, recognizing it as a necessary and valuable part of society. Clean Team’s vision is that waste collection will be seen as a job that is as honourable as it is essential, and will be appreciated as a service to one’s community.

Clean team is sanitation with a soul and it sees itself not only as a sanitation business, but also as a social business. They are a team of toilet experts with a passion for people as much as product. Clean Team regards itself a sanitation solution set on redefining the status quo.

Clean Team has been subsidised by WSUP to date to help create this social enterprise. The Board’s ambition is to achieve stand-alone profitability and enable genuine scalability, this is very much the mandate for the incoming CEO.