Clean Team

Introduction from Neil Jeffery, Chief Executive of WSUP

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your expression of interest in this exciting role as CEO of Clean Team.

Clean Team is a social business that seeks to provide affordable home toilet services to low income consumers in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city.

As CEO of Clean Team you will lead the development of the business and tackle issues directly on the ground. You will drive Clean Team’s business to transform lives by delivering safe, convenient and commercially viable sanitation services to the homes of low-income urban population in emerging markets.

Millions of people worldwide do not have access to safe and hygienic sanitation facilities that most of us take for granted. The consequences of this are devastating. Diseases related to inadequate WASH services remain among the world’s most serious public health problems and the associated impacts on economic productivity and children’s cognitive development are likely to have profoundly negative impacts on economic development.

Over the last four years since the inception of the business much has been learned, developed and improved; Clean Team is further striving to innovate and improve its operations and products. In this role you will actively shape the future of this pioneering social enterprise and have the rewarding opportunity to take Clean Team to the next stage in its journey towards proven commercial viability and scale. You will lead the present team of 25 and will thrive on growing the business profitably and responsibly.

If you are ready for this challenge I would be delighted to receive your CV and cover letter. I hope that the following pages and accompanying documents will give you a helpful and exciting picture of Clean Team and its potential. I wish you every success with your application.

Neil Jeffery
Chief Executive, WSUP