Clean Team

Role – Chief Executive, Clean Team Ghana

Job Description

Job title: Chief Executive, Clean Team Ghana
Responsible to: Clean Team Board (line manager: CEO WSUP)
Direct Reports: Finance Director
Operations Director
Sales Director
Research Manager
Indirect Reports: All Clean Team staff
Duration: Two-year fixed-term aligned to end of funding
Location: Kumasi, Ghana

Purpose of Post:

As CEO of Clean Team, you will take Clean Team to the next stage in its journey towards proven commerciality and ability to scale. Much has been learned, developed and improved in the four years since inception and in achieving the recent milestone of the 1,000th paying customer. You will lead the current team of 25 and will thrive on growing the business profitably and responsibly.

Generally, you will be responsible for overall leadership of the organisation, devising the longer term strategy, improving the current day-to-day operations and motivating the sales and account management teams.

In addition, you will be responsible for developing the team, bringing the right talent into the organisation and ensuring the products and services we offer meet and surpass the expected Clean Team standards. This is a social business and you will be overseeing the financial viability of the business model and monitoring the social impact of our work. Most importantly you will be building a business and operating model that is scalable in other cities facing similar challenges. You will be the spokesperson for the organisation with a wide variety of stakeholders and you will liaise with and report to the Board and the WSUP CEO based in London.

Core Tasks and Responsibilities

  • FINANCIAL: Improved gross margin and financial performance with the aim of achieving a profitable operating model.
  • SALES: Increasing customer numbers beyond the 1,000 we now have to ensure greater reach and to enable economies of scale.
  • INNOVATION: Overseeing the testing, learning and launch of product and service innovations – piloting a new toilet developed by a WSUP partner, embracing mobile payment advances.
  • DATA: Introducing a data-driven model which reflects the learning from customers, new products and services, which enables properly informed decision making.
  • STRATEGY: Creation of a longer-term strategy plan which gives direction and purpose to the organisation.
  • KPIs: Introduction of KPIs so that everyone knows in the organisation what success looks like in his or her particular role; development of a weekly dashboard that shows how the business is performing.
  • OPERATIONS: Good overall operational awareness with a clearly-articulated improvement programme (impact required, timeframe, resources used, measurement employed) and which is understood by the whole organisation.
  • PEOPLE: Creating a positive, proactive, supportive culture that enables the aims of the business to be met. Nurturing a team that is passionate about making a difference and creating workable solutions. Developing a succession plan that embraces and develops local talent.
  • STAKEHOLDERS: Driving the success of the business through partnership, involving key stakeholders from government and the private sector, including privately-owned toilets.
  • BOARD: Ensuring the Board is properly engaged with the strategy; timely provision of performance data all leading to effective governance, informed risk management, and transparent decision-making.